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SmallBiz Testimonials

eXurb Fitness

On 4/3/2024, Brian Stone, President and Owner of eXurb Fitness in Fairfax, VA, wrote:

When starting my new business, among many of the tasks was monthly bookkeeping. Who else could know my business better than myself? This is what I thought to myself, so naturally I added this to my plate. I started watching YouTube tutorials on how to use QuickBooks and started setting up my business in QuickBooks. I quickly found that I was a bit overwhelmed. I reached out to my Chamber of Commerce for guidance, and they put me in touch with Nora at Small Biz Books and Accounts. Nora immediately put me at ease. I could tell off our first conversation she was knowledgeable, competent, and was a real person I could just talk too. She wanted to know about my business and took more of an interest than just putting some numbers on a spread sheet. Nora has been able to answer any questions I’ve had over the past two years, and I have had a lot. Her reports help me make informed decisions on both growth and direction. She does a wonderful job of keeping me informed and in compliance. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Small Biz Books and Accounts for the years to come.


On 4/16/2024, Kim Boyd, Controller of Toojays in West Palm Beach, FL, a Dynamics GP consulting client for over four years, wrote:

Nora is very helpful, knowledgeable, and quick to respond to your needs. I highly recommend her services.

Northeastern Society of Orthodontists

On 4/22/2024, Kristin Dunn, Executive Director of the Northeastern Society of Orthodontists in Philadelphia, PA, wrote:

Small Biz provides excellent professional bookkeeping services to our small non-profit member association. Nora is timely in her replies and remains in clear communication on any questions we may have. I recommend her services for small businesses or association organizations.